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On this website you can get access to valuable investment advice & life hacks, forecasts from skilled HYIP investors, the hottest active and upcoming investment programs, plus other helpful details on web investing.

Welcome to Updated Version of the Best Investment Website!

Throughout of dozen years of good performance our website has modified user interface design and changed its idea many a time. HYIP.com has been running as a monitor, a monitor with a forum for investors, and even just as investing blog.

Like any dynamic market space the investment and trading environment is evolving and changing sooner or later, same way our project varies in line with major investment industry trends. Right away, we are happy to offer our users an up-to-date forum version.

Forum Investment Program

  • 1% Daily Interest
  • $100 Min/Max deposit
  • Fast and Trouble FreeWithdrawal
  • Affiliate Program: $5 per active forum user (referral)

Any depositor can join or exit the HYIP.com Investing Program whenever he or she wants.

Deposit interests Accrual

In the HYIP.com Investment Program your investment return is entirely in your own hands! Daily profit is accrued only when you tap the Collect Interest button in Shop (Bank) subsection of your Private Area. So, to make the max ROI you need to check on Forum every day.

HYIP.com Investment Plan: 1% Interest per Day for Lifetime

HYIP.com Affiliate Marketing Option HYIP.com Investing Forum has one-tier Referral Program with $5 referral bonus per every active forum user.

$5 USD referral bonus is promptly (automatically) sent to affiliate’s forum wallet in forum points and than can be withdrawn by using PM, Payeer, Bitcoin payment options.