Main Facts About HYIPs

As you are all aware, nothing’s more depressing than permanent but low salary. Even supposing that your earnings is higher than the average, all life savings have main shortcoming — they slowly but steadily are being devalued with the passing of time. Hedging the savings from inflation risks can be reached only in 2 ways— to work harder and earn more while risking to morph into a workhorse, or to put up the money in HYIPs, high-yield investment projects. If you choose the option two, our investment website is what you were looking for!

Main Features and Operation Principles of HYIPs

So what exactly is HYIP? Put simply, HYIP is a high profitable investment project. The pretentious title is masking the “well-worn” Ponzi schemes, operating on the basis of the principle of “to borrow from Peter to pay Paul”— when the profit of earlier scheme depositors is obtained from investments of subsequent depositors.

Strictly speaking, these schemes are absolutely legit and pervasive phenomenon : insurance companies, large banks, retirement funds are operating on this principle. But if to extract a share of cash pie from a retirement fund or a bank is a very demanding and tricky task, even an amateur could get good revenue from HYIPs.

Where to Find Profitable HYIP Programs? Online Monitors

Well you chose to put cash in online investment project. First things first, you need to find out the HYIP data and payment status on several monitoring websites, specialized HYIP-related sites, which keep track of the actual solvency of nearly all paying HYIP programs.

Here you will get not only info on the date of the recent withdrawal, but you can find tech data about the investment project as well as look through reviews of not fake online investors.

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How to Use HYIP-related Forums and Investing Blogs

Having checked up HYIP monitors, it wouldn’t be too much to go through HYIP online communities and blogging websites.

Here you will find thorough, candid descriptions of
HYIP programs, information on the recent withdrawals, proved by screenshots, furthermore, you can even talk directly with the HYIP administrator.

Important Life Hack: HYIP-themed online communities & blogging platforms are not only valuable sources of info about HYIPs, but additionallya good Guides for Dummies within investment. So, if you catch a web blog of a professional investor or a cool investment online community, be sure to complete the sign up process.

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Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in 21st Century

Packed with high technology, a vast amount of information, the 21st century has resulted to very important changes in financial sector. Old as Adam investment scam schemes have successfully benefited from decentralized technology (blockchain), being presented to a simple-minded audience in the fashionable and trendy outfit — ICO.

As you are all aware, any ICO is a form of fundraising for crypto projects, and, importantly, such type of attracting funds does not have any normative framework. It is hardly surprising that the lion’s share of ICOs is Pyramid schemes, which are disguised as secure and credible fundraising startups.

Nonetheless, you can and even have to get big return from Initial Coin Offerings.

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