Basic Facts About HYIPs

As you are all aware, nothing’s more distressing than regular but low income. And even when your income is above average, all financial assets have key unpleasant property — they , under any scenario, are being devalued over time. Hedging savings capita against inflation can be achieved only in 2 paths— to work harder and make more while risking to turn into a workhorse, or to make investing in HYIPs, high-yield investment projects. If you select the second variant, this site is what you are looking for!

How High Yield Investment Programs Function

What is HYIP? It’s simple: High Yield Investment Project is a high interest investment website. The pretentious name hides the world-old fraudulent investing patterns, Ponzi schemes operating on the principle of “to unclothe Peter to clothe Paul”: when returns on investment of earlier depositors is paid from deposits of recent investors.

Strictly speaking, these schemes are a completely legit and a very common phenom : insurers, large banks, pension funds run the same way. However, if to carve out a share of money cake from a retirement fund or other financial companies is a really complicated and tricky task, even a novice investor could get fat income from HYIP projects.

How to Look for Trusted HYIPs? Online Monitors

Well you want to invest in an investment project. First things first, you need to check the project payment status on three or four online monitors, special online services, which are tracking the real payment ability of almost all reliable investment projects.

On monitoring online services, you will obtain not only data on the date and time of the last withdrawal, but you can get technical details about the investment project but also read comments of real HYIP investors.

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HYIP Forums & Blogging Websites

Having browsed through online monitors, it would be appropriate to check HYIP-related forums and blogging web-sites.

Here you’ll get detailed, honest overviews of
HYIP projects, data on the last withdrawals, proved by screenshots, moreover, you could even chat directly with the HYIP project administrator.

Practical Tip: HYIP online communities and blogging web-sites are not only useful channel of information on HYIP programs, but as wellan excellent manual in the field of online investing. That’s why if you come across a site of investment expert or well known or new promising HYIP-themed forum, be sure to sign up.

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Investment Scam Schemes Today. ICOs

Crammed with high technology, a significant amount of data, the XXI century has given rise to remarkable changes in financial games. World-old Ponzi schemes have benefited from Blockchain technology, being presented to a simple-minded crowd in the trendy look — Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

As you are all aware, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a form of fund-raising for crypto-related start-ups, and, importantly, such method of fund-raising does not have any regulatory framework. It is little wonder that the lion’s share of Initial Coin Offerings is Ponzi schemes, disguised as credible fund raising startups.

Nonetheless, you are able and even have to receive big return from Initial Coin Offerings.

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