Basic Facts About HYIPs

Everyone knows, nothing’s more demoralizing than permanent but small earnings. And even if your salary is above the average, any savings have main weakness — they , under any scenario, are being devalued over time. Hedging the savings from inflation risks can only be ensured by one of the two methods— to work harder and earn extra money while risking to evolve into a drudge, or to put up the money in high-yield investment projects. If you like the option 2, this HYIP-themed site is what you are looking for!

What are High Yield Investment Programs and How They Work

So what is HYIP? Put simply, HYIP is a high-interest online program. The good sounding word combination masks the world-old fraudulent investing patterns, Ponzi schemes operating on the principle of “to rob Peter to pay Paul”— when the profit of earlier scheme investors is obtained from the funds of subsequent schemers.

In fact, these schemes are absolutely allowable and widespread phenom — insurers, central banks, retirement funds run on similar principle. But if to get a piece of money cake from a pension fund or other financial companies is an especially complicated and tricky task, even a green investor could make big return from HYIPs.

Looking for Proper HYIP Program. How to Use HYIP Monitors

Well you think to make investment in an investment project. First of all you need to see the HYIP listing status on several monitors, special websites, which monitor the actual solvency of nearly all reliable investment projects.

On monitoring web-sites, you can find not only information on the date and the time of the last payout, but you can find domain & technical information about the investment project and also read feedbacks of not fake HYIP depositors.

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HYIP-themed Forums & Investing Blogs

Having visited HYIP monitors, it’d be good to visit HYIP-related forums & investing blogs.

Here you’ll get access to detailed, honest reviews of
High Yield Investment Projects, info about the most current payments, proved by screenshots, furthermore, you can even get in touch directly with the HYIP project admins.

Practical Life Hack: HYIP forums & investment blogs are not only valuable generator of info on HYIPs, but alsoa perfect manual in the sphere of HYIP investing. Therefore, if you come across a blog of investment expert or dynamic investment forum, be sure to register.

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Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in Modern Days

Filled with top technologies, a vast amount of info, the XXI century has remarkable changes in financial area. World-old investment scam schemes have successfully mastered Blockchain technology, being presented to an inexperienced crowd in the fashionable and trendy clothes — Initial Coin Offering.

As you well know, an ICO is a form of money raising for crypto projects, and this form of fundraising does not have any legal framework. So it is no wonder that the lion’s share of Initial Coin Offerings is Ponzi schemes, which are disguised as reliable fund-raising start-ups.

Nonetheless, you can and even should to earn good revenue from Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)!

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